Sleep Cycle Sonalarm Clock

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Sonalarm (sonar + alarm)

SonalarmĀ is not just a reimplementation of the known principle of sleep cycle alarm clock apps, it is the reinvention of sleep cycle alarm clocks. Using ultrasound (sonar), the app can reliably detect when you turn around in bed. You don’t need to share your bed with your iPhone (like it is required for the existing sleep cycle apps). With Sonalarm, your smart phone stays on the bedside table where it belongs!

Sleep research

During the night, every time you turn around, you are awake or almost awake. Normally, you just go back to sleep so fast that you won’t remember it the next morning. By monitoring your movements, Sonalarm can wake you up at the best moment (when you are almost awake anyway). Sleep research has shown that you will feel more refreshed even if you woke up earlier.

Alarm time window

Sonalarm makes use of this effect. Say, you really need to get up at 7:30. That’s the alarm time you set. Depending on a setting, the activation window will start 20 to 60 minutes earlier. If Sonalarm detects that you are almost awake during this period, the alarm will start and wake you up completely.

Sleep analysis and statistics

After the first night, sleep statistics will be available on the stats tab. Sonalarm analyzes your movements during the night and gives you an overview the next morning. You see when you were awake, in a light or deep sleep phase. Totals are shown below the chart.

Health integration

Since version 2.0, the allows you to export your sleep data to your iPhone’s Health Store, so you can look at it with Apple’s Health app or share the data with other apps.

Fall asleep to relaxing rain sounds

You may optionally make the app play relaxing rain sounds to fall asleep. The duration can be configured on the settings tab, and you can also turn off the noises there. At the end, the sounds are faded out gradually.

Get Sonalarm

Sonalarm is available for the iPhone 4 and newer iPhones. iPads and iPod touch devices are currently not supported, but support will be added in the future. Click the badge below, or search for “Sonalarm” using the App Store app on your iPhone.


A version for Windows Phone 8, currently called “HappyWakeUp+” is available here.

Facebook and Twitter

You should follow @SonalarmClock on Twitter and on Facebook to stay up to date on the newest developments.


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